For Parents Of Youth Soccer Players

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Table Of Contents

I. Introduction

Chapter 1

 The Reason Kids Want To Play Soccer And Why It Is Good For Them

 There Are More Benefits To The Game Of Soccer Than Meets The Eye

Chapter 2

The Soccer Field

Field Markings And Dimensions Illustrated

Chapter 3

The Fundamentals Of Soccer

Understanding How The Game Is Played And What Is Involved

Chapter 4

Recreational Soccer vs Competitive Soccer

Determining Which Level Of Play Is Best For Your Child

Chapter 5

Soccer Positions, Strategies And Flow Of The Game

Understanding What Players Are Doing On The Field

Chapter 6

The Rules Of Soccer And The Role Of Referees

How The Game Is Regulated And Controlled

Chapter 7

The Offside Rule Explained And Illustrated

Understanding What Offside Is And How It Works

Chapter 8

The Soccer Coach, Your Child And You

What You Need To Know About The Coach’s Role And Your Involvement

Chapter 9

Soccer Equipment And Apparel

What Your Child Needs For Comfort And Protection

Chapter 10

Conditioning, Nutrition And Soccer Safety 

Helping Your Kids Stay Healthy And Fit To Play

Chapter 11

Backyard Soccer Practice Drills 

Practice Activities For One Or More Players That Can Be Performed In A Backyard

Chapter 12

Helpful Advice For First-Time Youth Soccer Coaches

Some Tips If You Are Going To Coach A Youth Soccer Team

Chapter 13

Organizations That Govern Youth Soccer

How Youth Soccer Organizations Are Structured And What They Do

Chapter 14

Advanced Training Programs For Youth Soccer Players

For Those Players With Their Eyes On College And Professional Soccer

Chapter 15

Interesting Soccer Facts

Some Things About Soccer That You Will Enjoy Reading

II. Soccer Glossary

III. About The Author


Packed with practical and useful information about youth soccer in America, “A Parent’s Guide To Youth Soccer” provides parents of youth soccer players with the in-depth knowledge they need in order to fully understand and appreciate their kids’ involvement in the sport. 

The book’s author, Bernie Rosellen, calls upon his forty years of experience as a soccer player and his twenty years as a youth soccer coach and referee to give the reader real-world insight into youth soccer programs and the sport in general. Supported with graphic illustrations, the book is written in a clear and concise manner that makes it easy to comprehend the concepts presented.

From the basics of the game of soccer to parent/coach relationships to youth soccer development programs to the intricacies of play, Mr. Rosellen has captured the essence of the youth soccer experience in this well-written book that you will find easy and pleasurable to read. Recalling some of his personal experiences as a youth soccer coach, he touches upon actual situations that soccer moms and dads can relate to.

If you are a new soccer parent or youth soccer coach and you want to be more knowledgeable about the sport of soccer and the youth soccer programs, then this book is written just for you.  Everything you ever wanted to know about youth soccer is contained in this excellent publication. It serves as a resource to which you can refer again and again.  No youth soccer parent should be without it.

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